Support Edinburgh craft breweries and raise funds for local charities with a box of Edinburgh Beers.


In response to the Covid pandemic, Edinburgh Beer Box was created as a collaboration project.

We have two simple goals: 

- To support Edinburgh craft breweries.

-  Raise charitable funds for local good causes.

How we do it?

We've gathered amazing beers from the ten Edinburgh craft breweries. We then put together mixed boxes of 12 or 24 cans from those breweries. Or, you can select from 6+ beers individually. 

Breweries are: Barney's, New Barns, Pilot, Bellfield, Stewart Brewing, Cold Town, Edinburgh Beer Factory, Cross Borders, Top Out and Campervan. 

When you order an Edinburgh Beer Box it triggers an immediate & fair price payment to the breweries (unlike supermarkets, large online retailers and wholesalers who demand lower prices and can take up to 10 weeks to pay).

Your beer box can be shipped anywhere in the UK – shipping is FREE for any order over £40.

We also donate £1 to charity for every box purchased.

So why not treat yourself, or a friend, to a box of the highest-quality craft beer - and while you’re at it, do your bit to help protect Edinburgh’s proud history of brewing excellence and raise money for good causes.

It's important to support local businesses at this time by buying direct or through initiatives such as this. Bellfield Brewery are delighted to support Edinburgh BeerBox

Alistair Brown
Co-Founder & CEO, Bellfield Brewery

A dynamic evolution - the website and initiative certainly reflect this. Well done.

Peter Stuart
Edinburgh Beer Factory / Thistly Cross

These are challenging times for us all, but we are delighted to be part of this fantastic initiative. Edinburgh was a city built upon the success of many small but great breweries, and long may that spirit continue. Lets work together for a safer future of us all.

Steve Stewart
Founder / Managing Director

Welcome to The Store

Please either select a mixed case of 12 or 24 beers. Or build your own case of 6+ from the range.

Shipping is FREE on all cases of 24 pre-selected beers, or any cases over £39.
Shipping is £4 for all other orders.

Mixed Cases x 12 cans

Select one of our twelve can mixed cases containing the best beers from across the capital. Ship to yourself, or anyone in the UK.
Choose from:
Edinburgh Craft Classics x 12 mixed cans
Edinburgh Craft Lagers x 12 mixed cans
Recent Edinburgh Releases x 12 mixed cans
Leith Box x 12 mixed cans

Pick by brewery or beer style

Mixed Cases x 24 cans (FREE SHIPPING)

Select one of our 24 can mixed cases containing the best craft beers being brewed in the capital right now. Choose from:
Edinburgh Craft Classics x 24 cans
Edinburgh Craft Lagers x 24 cans

Cubes x 4 cans

Four Edinburgh craft beers in a cube, designed by local Edinburgh illustrator Susie Wright.

A choice of three different cubes.

The mixed cube offering a selection of four beer styles.
The IPA cube featuring four of Edinburgh's top India Pale Ales
The Lager Cube featuring four different Edinburgh lagers, from four different breweries.